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Maybe you know me, maybe you don’t. This blog post will give you a bit of an insight as to who I am.

My name is Shae Leigh Schwenk and I was born in Cape Town.

I grew up and spent most of my childhood in the Upper Highway Area of Durban (Kloof/Hillcrest) and have since, over the last year, moved to a very small ”Milk Bucket” of KZN known as Creighton where I now live on a massive dairy farm which supplies milk to Clover, as well as left over milk to the Creighton Cheese Factory where cheese is made (self-explanatory, really). We have approximately 6000 Heifers on the farm at all times- and this includes all the teeny tiny baby moo cows!

I did not even know that this small town existed until I met my boyfriend, and after moving here with him, I have never looked back. Life is great here.

Enough about where I live and more onto Who I Am:

If there is anybody who knows anything about me, you know at least one of these few things:

  1. I am OBSESSED with chickens. The ones who wake you up by screaming at 4am and poop your breakfast!
  2. I know all of the words to almost any Afrikaans song you can think of – maar ek kan nie een woorde praat van hierdie taal nie.
  3. I have such a passion for baking. I have been in multiple cooking and baking competitions throughout my life and I had planned to go to International Hotel School BUT decided against putting myself in student debt for the rest of my life and it seemed life had other plans in place for me!!

So that is just a very few things about me and I am sure you will learn a lot more as I progress with my blogging, which, by the way, I am doing mostly for myself to be able to look back on when I am older.

The reason i have decided to start a public blog rather than just a personal diary or such is because I want to influence people. I want people to connect with me on my level and be inspired by the things I have to say or share. I feel I have so much more to give to the world than to just keep it to myself in a journal beside my bed.

So, if you think you could get at least something good out of this blog of mine, then be prepared to entire this crazy world of mine!

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