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Product Review: Wow Jude Face Cloths


One thing I want my blog to do is share brands and products that I genuinely love and support, so I will be sharing a lot of my local finds that I really love with you. What is better than #SupportingLocal?

I have known about Wow Jude for a few months through the wonderful world of social media, however I had never tried any of their products for myself. When Judy decided to be a sponsor in one of my latest giveaways, I was so excited because I could then get to see and test out these face cloths for myself and see what all the hype and fuss was about!

Well, I get it now. You wont even be able to fully comprehend how well it works, I mean, it’s just a face cloth, right? Wrong.

I have a horrible habit of forgetting to buy make up remover, so at the end of the night, I am sitting with my Nivea cream and a roll of toilet paper, patiently trying to remove all my make up and I am SO glad that I don’t need to do this anymore!

Of course, I had to put this ‘magical’ face cloth to the test on my waterproof make up. I used lipstick, mascara, 3 different eye-shadows and some concealer. All I had to do was rinse the cloth under warm water, squeeze it out and hold it over the make up for a few seconds and then wipe away.

I kid you not – everything was 100% removed instantly except the lipstick which i had to wipe 2 or 3 times to remove it completely. How insane is that?

There is no need for scrubbing or spending 15 minutes just to get that last bit of mascara off that has run underneath you eye and is being stubborn.

If you haven’t already got yourself one (or 10) then I would highly suggest getting your hands on some and trying it out!

You can contact them through facebook: WOW Jude – Facial Cloth or through Instagram: @wowjude_facial_cloths.

#NotSponsored, just sharing the love.


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