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For the entire month of July, I felt really left out of the whole #PlasticFreeJuly & the ways that everyone was somehow positively contributing towards the environment, whether it by be eliminating plastic straws, investing in bamboo cutlery sets etc. and so when I was contacted by Patch Strips SA and I was offered a set of strips to test and review, I was apprehensive at first, mostly because I would actually have to wait to get hurt in order to use their products, but I was excited to get on board with the amazing plastic-free initiative, even if it was in a small way.

I realized how smart their idea was because plasters are the LAST thing we think about eliminating, yet they play such a big role in contributing to our plastic waste reduction. Normal every day plasters generally contain Thimerosal (a type of mercury) and latex. The Patch Strips are made from bamboo and are hypoallergenic, organic, 100% biodegradable, contains no plastics or toxins, are latex free, vegan friendly and cruelty free (oh, and affordable)!

What I love most about these bamboo bandages is bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource – it grows so fast and uses less water, it produces a lot more oxygen and requires no pesticides or herbicides and thus, is so much better for our environment.

The plasters currently come in 4 different options:

1) Nude:Natural Bamboo for cuts and scratches.

2) Nude Kids: Coconut oil for scratches, abrasions and grazes.

3) Black: Activated Charcoal for splinters, infections and bites.

4) Green: Aloe Vera for burns, blisters and soothing.

If you have kiddies who are accident prone and always end up hurting themselves one way or another, or you would just like to play your part for the environment, then I highly suggest you get your hands on a pack of these amazing plasters. To make your life even easier, You can win yourself a set of the 4 different packs above by subscribing to my blog by clicking here and scrolling all the way to the bottom as well as commenting below with one way YOU contributed to #PlasticFreeJuly last month. (You can also send your answer to me as a DM on Instagram to be entered!)

Winner will be chosen by random draw on Women’s Day, 9 July 2019 and announced on this post and on my Instagram, @shaeschwenk.

For more information head over to their Instagram page: @patchstrips_sa or their Facebook page: PATCH Strips SA.



2 replies on “Patch Strips: Read + Win”

  1. love this what great idea, we trying to give up as much use of plastic possible i have started buying wooden tooth brush and also not buying the fruit and vegs that come in plastic packaging we taking are own bags to food lovers and buying the loosely packed fruit and veg


  2. Very clever plasters are the last thing we thing about but they the things you always see on the beach🤢
    Iv started buying “green” cleaning stuff in bulk/in concentrate and mixing my own and reusing the same bottle. Iv also been more aware of buying things wrapped in unnecessary plastic and rather going for paper bags or boxes. At the shops I ask for boxes instead of packets or take my own😁 waiting for the next time to get to town to get my family bamboo toothbrushes and that’s going to be my standard christmas present for everyone as a part of their gift💡😍


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